We Are Star Children: The final Rapunzel Session

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We Are Star Children:  The Rapunzel Sessions

Please join us for the third and final live recording session!  For this show, we will be offering free dinner to the Star Children fans, so come break bread with us, dance with us, cheer with us, and help We Are Star Children create a general mayhem of exhilaration and downright good fun.  Plus, you’ll become a part of We Are Star Children history by participating in this live recording event.

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We Are Star Children are recording a
live CD, and they’re doing it in a groundbreaking, innovative way.

Any fan of this band knows that
“innovative” is practically the mission statement of their live
shows.  The raw, indomitable energy of their adventure-pop sound, the
remarkable stage charisma of lead vocalist/guitarist Gene Osborn, and
the band’s overall commitment to making sure that no audience member
ever sees the same show twice…all this has earned them hundreds of
loyal, impassioned fans.  The love and exuberant joy in the room at
one of their shows become tangible.

We Are Star Children want to capture
that experience.  These live recordings will occur
over the course of three performances at Rapunzel’s, recorded by
Packing Shed Records, and released as We Are Star Children’s next CD in early 2012.
The part that makes this so unusual is that the audience will be
aware of and witnessing the recording.

We’ve all been to see shows by our
favorite bands, and we’ve all bought live CDs, and on some level we
know that the recording must be going on somewhere.  In these three sessions, the recording will be visible.  Every audience
member will know, in that moment, that they are becoming a
part of the finished product.  And that finished product will stand
as a reminder of the days when it meant something to hold a physical
CD in your hand.  The entire series, from individually
signed-and-numbered promo posters to the packaging of the final CDs,
will feature the work of artist Kiersten Nash.

If any band can find a way to marry the
quest for perfection with the pursuit of unbridled joy, it’s We Are
Star Children.  We can’t wait to go along for the ride.

The three shows will be August 27, October 22 and December 10.

Listen at  www.myspace.com/wearestarchildren

The shows start at 8pm/$10.



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