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From the Illville Crew website:

“The IllVille Crew was conceived in 2007 by original members: MitchWise, Marqui, Q*Black, & Dj 3rd Degree… but with the support of other local producers and musicians the crew has grown into a full live band. Now Jay Chowdhry, Jonathan Chance, Chris Doerman, Bobby Mclaren, Grove Miller, Marqui and Q*Black have formed an explosive urban underground hip hop movement.

Inspired by the ideas and creative melodies of local musicians, underground, and classic hip hop artists, the crew set out to fuse all their favorite genres while bringing back the raw essence of true hip hop and lyricism.

With the release of their upcoming E.P. “Nobody Knows” featuring songs such as “Don’t Cry” and their debut single “Nobody Knows” The crew is guaranteed to go down in the books as one of the most influential hip hop bands to come out of central Va.”

When this band first played on our stage, they had the entire audience up and dancing by the third song.  By the fourth song, most of the audience had called their friends to say, “Get over here, now!”  There is an energy and life-force brought in by this band that completely transforms the audience and the space, and if for no other reason than to experience the novelty of a Marshall Stack on Rapunzel’s stage, you MUST see this show.

The show starts at 8pm/$7.  Listen at

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Cool venue for open mic. The crowd is there to hear the music for sure. I'll def be going back.

Nicholas B.

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