Songwriters in the Round: Curtis Prince and Sue Harlow

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Curtis Prince and Sue Harlow swap songs for the evening.  Come check out two of our favorite new voices.

Curtis says:

“I practically came out of the womb singing. My whole family were musicians, both sides for generations. Coming from Europe and settling both in Alabama and New York, everyone sang, played instruments or at least whistled. They were piano builders, Vaudvillians, producers, directors, and musicians, doing everything from working for CBS to hosting old timey radio shows, to Opera stars, to just family piano playing around the house.

By age six I was playing the harmonica and piano and singing along with Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, C.S.N.&Y., The Beatles, and well, all the popular artists of the time. My sisters had great collections of albums and they are basically where I first got turned on to Rock and Roll.  My brother-in-law turned me on to the guitar at nine years old and I took to it quickly, playing along with all the albums and sounding out tunes and solos. Right away I began writing songs…music anyway, and that always seemed to me to be the thing to do. I always say I took guitar lessons from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck. Though I don’t even imagine myself to be that kind of maestro, they were definitely my teachers and inspiration.

All that was the beginning to a life time of playing music. There were many trying years, difficult times, and wonderful times full of love, in between those early years and now.  After playing in bands in Pittsburgh, Boston, Austin, and St. Augustine Fl. and being on the road with the blues legend Eddie Kirkland, I’ve finally released my first album, “Wishing for Rhymes.”

So here I am in the present with “Wishing For Rhymes” behind me…and still in front of me, along with a wonderful well of inspiration and experience to draw from for years of song writing to come.”

Hear Curtis at

Sue Harlow brings us richly haunting vocals wrapped graciously around the curves between folk and country music.  Each time you think you’ve heard the full reach of her voice, she takes it one notch farther.

Hear Sue at

The show starts at 8pm/$5.

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