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Blue Line Highway

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Blue Line Highway

Acoustic rock/folk-rock group Blue Line Highway grows in popularity every time they grace our stage. Give but one listen to the flawless harmonies, the seamless flow throughout the show, and the band’s unflagging joy in their music, and you’ll know why they’ve become one of the best-loved groups to play here.

“An intriguing mix of sultry invitation and dangerous liaison layered over Melissa McKenna’s excellent lyrics.”

Richmond Music Journal

“…a diverse mix of country, jazz, and bluegrass that is both lush and dramatic.”

STYLE Weekly

The show starts at 8pm/$7.

The Flinders

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The Flinders
“Banjo Jack” Boylan and Mary Beth Revak (both from Acme Swing Mfg. Co.) bring us their new side project: a bold, brazen combination of swing, western swing and country. The show starts at 8pm/$5.

the Twangtown Paramours with Sue Harlow

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the Twangtown Paramours

The Twangtown Paramours are MaryBeth Zamer and Mike Lewis, producing together a blend of thought-provoking lyrics and angelic vocals.

MaryBeth Zamer has sung professionally since the age of 18. Before moving to Nashville, she was a fixture of the local music scene in the Washington, D.C. area, where she fronted a popular bar band for several years. MaryBeth toured Europe, worked as a guest artist with several other bands, and sang background vocals for the band Method Actor featuring Eva Cassidy.

After relocating to Nashville, MaryBeth continued her musical career working as a demo singer for local songwriters, as a background vocalist for several new country artists, and working on her own projects, including serving as lead vocalist for the band Blue Martini. She now sings lead vocals for the Twangtown Paramours.

Mike T. Lewis has played guitar for a million and a half years, and bass for about half that long. He sometimes tours with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, playing upright bass.

In 1997, Mike had a #1 pop hit in South Korea on Yang Pa’s first album called “A Heartbeat Away”. It sold over 800,000 units. The tune was #1 for five weeks and stayed on the charts for six months. In addition to the hit in Korea, Mike has had songs recorded by independent artists in the U.K., Japan, and the U.S.

Since 2000, Mike has owned and operated a studio, producing tunes for up and coming performers as well as people who should spend their money more wisely. His newest endeavors are producing the Twangtown Paramours and his own solo project.

Listen at

With special guest Sue Harlow.  The show starts at 8pm/$5.

We Are Star Children: The final Rapunzel Session

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We Are Star Children:  The Rapunzel Sessions

Please join us for the third and final live recording session!  For this show, we will be offering free dinner to the Star Children fans, so come break bread with us, dance with us, cheer with us, and help We Are Star Children create a general mayhem of exhilaration and downright good fun.  Plus, you’ll become a part of We Are Star Children history by participating in this live recording event.

Check out WASC on WNRN:


We Are Star Children are recording a
live CD, and they’re doing it in a groundbreaking, innovative way.

Any fan of this band knows that
“innovative” is practically the mission statement of their live
shows.  The raw, indomitable energy of their adventure-pop sound, the
remarkable stage charisma of lead vocalist/guitarist Gene Osborn, and
the band’s overall commitment to making sure that no audience member
ever sees the same show twice…all this has earned them hundreds of
loyal, impassioned fans.  The love and exuberant joy in the room at
one of their shows become tangible.

We Are Star Children want to capture
that experience.  These live recordings will occur
over the course of three performances at Rapunzel’s, recorded by
Packing Shed Records, and released as We Are Star Children’s next CD in early 2012.
The part that makes this so unusual is that the audience will be
aware of and witnessing the recording.

We’ve all been to see shows by our
favorite bands, and we’ve all bought live CDs, and on some level we
know that the recording must be going on somewhere.  In these three sessions, the recording will be visible.  Every audience
member will know, in that moment, that they are becoming a
part of the finished product.  And that finished product will stand
as a reminder of the days when it meant something to hold a physical
CD in your hand.  The entire series, from individually
signed-and-numbered promo posters to the packaging of the final CDs,
will feature the work of artist Kiersten Nash.

If any band can find a way to marry the
quest for perfection with the pursuit of unbridled joy, it’s We Are
Star Children.  We can’t wait to go along for the ride.

The three shows will be August 27, October 22 and December 10.

Listen at

The shows start at 8pm/$10.



Open Mic Night

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Open Mic Night
If you’ve got a talent, we’ve got a stage!  Whether you sing, write poetry, tapdance, play bagpipes, swallow swords, dance the mamushka, or just need to rant about something…Rapunzel’s is the place to be this Friday night.

Signup begins at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm.

The Halliday Line

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The Halliday Line

Whether playing as a country duo or as a full-on Western dance band, The Halliday Line are sure to deliver the goods. Steeped in American music traditions ranging from honky-tonk to swing to old-time Appalachian music, The Halliday Line blend it together in a way that will take you back to another time, while making it unmistakably original.

Band Members:

Katie Burke ( a.k.a. Sweet Halliday) (acoustic guitar, vocals) is the daughter of a music teacher, and it’s not a stretch to say that she was singing before she was born. She started her vocal training around the time she learned to talk, and hasn’t looked back since. Katie has also lent her strong rhythm guitar hand to various bands in Central Virginia, including The Chickweeds and The Blue Ridge Rhythm Devils.

Liam Kelly (a.k.a. Picky Halliday) (pedal steel and electric guitars, banjo, vocals) has played more instruments in more bands than can be counted. He most recently fronted The Jugbusters, an old-time honky-tonk band from Blacksburg, Virginia, voted “Best Local Band” in the 2010 Collegiate Times Reader’s Poll.

Jerry Renshaw (electric guitar, vocals) is a recent transplant from the country music scene in Austin, Texas. Jerry has played lead guitar for the likes of John Howie Jr. (of The Two Dollar Pistols) and Lucky Tubb, great nephew of country great Ernest Tubb. Equally comfortable in classic country or western swing genres, Jerry has a mastery of technique and style that few can match.

Aaron Olwell (fiddle) has extensive experience fiddling for contra dances, square dances, Irish set dances, and anything else where his stunning combination of rhythm and melody can play a role.

Lew Burruss (bass) is one of the most sought-after bass players in Central Virginia. Aside from his work in The Halliday Line, he currently holds down the bottom end for The Don’t Tell Darlings, Acme Swing Mfg., The Rivanna River Chiggers, and about any other band that can schedule him in.

Check them out at

The show starts at 8pm/$7.

An evening of music and art with Chamomile & Whiskey

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Koda Kerl and Marie Borgman are Chamomile & Whiskey, a new original americana/folk/gypsy duo.


Fiona Balestreiri
Laura Eve Engell
Freeman Mowrer
Phillip Kerl (in his first performance since beating cancer)
Chamomile and Whiskey

With live painting by Skye Harvey

Listen at

The show starts at 8pm/$7.


Feb 8, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Molimo

Old-school Nelson county acoustic rock brought to us by Jim McAvoy, Richard Smith, Kevin Crowe and Tom Serrano.

Molimo is a nomadic ritual in which music is used to heal a group that feels themselves to be out of balance with nature. It also describes the sacred instrument played in the ritual. The mythical white elephant embodies the spirit of Molimo – the possibility of redemption, the return of “soul.” In this spirit we play songs that call us to engagement to community – to stand against the madness……stand with us!

Poetry & Fiction Night

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Poetry & Fiction Night
The first portion of the evening will include readings by Stephen Cushman, Lynn Martin and Judith Strang.

Stephen Cushman

Stephen Cushman is a professor of American Literature and poetry at UVa.  His published poetry includes Riffraff, Heart Island and Cussing Lesson. 

On Riffraff:

Stephen Cushman’s Riffraff embodies the spirit of its title, a Middle English word for “every particle” or “things of small value.” In this striking collection, scraps of the overlooked, and distasteful—a prostitute passed in the street, the speaker’s own forgotten dreams, toothless dogs rolling in deer offal—become occasions to meditate on the rich experiences from which we too often turn away.

The poems reflect on the possibilities of language, the natural world, politics, history, eros, aging, family, and spiritual devotion. Without pretension, Cushman values “adepts who can dwell in the kiosk of a kiss.” Skillfully, he transmutes his own curiosity and surprise into moments of shared instruction. “Keep low,” he whispers. “Stay put. / Learn from the leaves.”

Riffraff culls what we have discarded, saves from abandonment the notions we have taken for granted, and, indeed, venerates every particle.

Lynn Martin & the Sons of Orpheus

Lynn Martin is a Nelson County-based poet and performer. Her poetry,
on its own, is a powerful, gut stirring experience made no less
gripping by Lynn’s extraordinary control and sense of performance.
Fed by the haunting musical support of the Sons of Orpheus, her
work will leave you breathless.

The second portion of this event will be an open stage for writers to share their work.

Please contact us if you are interested in reading.

Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band

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Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band

The Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band brings traditional bluegrass back to Rapunzel’s!


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