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Eli Cook

Oct 27, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Eli Cook

Eli Cook grew up on the blues: Muddy
Waters, John Lee Hooker, the Wolf, Lightnin’  Hopkins, and Mississippi John
Hurt. He first picked up the guitar when he was     fourteen, and began his own
performance career playing vintage blues, gospel shows, and revivals in Nelson
County, Virginia when he was fifteen. (Braving the Blues, Lynchburg News and
Advance, Jan. 9, 2003, by Theresa Boyd) His first electric trio, The Red House
Blues Band, was formed in 2002 while a junior at Monticello Highschool. Eli was
called a ‘blues phenomenon’ by reviewers in near-by Charlottesville: “Featuring
fast-fingered guitar and a powerful voice beyond his years, Cook doesn’t need
any Robert-Johnson-style pact with the devil to take him to the top.” (Eli
Cook’s Red House Blues Band, by Matthew Hirst, C’ville Review,

In 2004 internationally reknowned blues
bassman Steve Riggs joined Eli’s rhythm section, a veteran of the blues circuit
who had played and recorded with Muddy Waters, Jimmy Vaughan, and many others,
and under whose tutelage Eli recorded Moonshine Mojo, his first full-length
recording, which has become a collector’s item today.

The following year Eli returned his
attention to classic acoustic blues. Influenced by the songs of R.L.Burnside,
Bukka White, and Son House, he recorded Miss Blues’es Child at The Sound of
Music Studios In Richmond Virginia in a single autumn day, playing a borrowed
12-string and his own old Gibson, accompanying himself with a kick-drum or a
tambourine tied to his boot. Patrick McCrowel, a talented friend from Greene
County, stopped by to sing harmony and pick banjo on a few cuts, spontaneous and
unrehearsed. Eli called it “…blue, blue, blues;” reviewers called him “…a
young gun with an old soul…storming through banged-up slide guitar romps,
tackling the storied form with the mean streak of his generation’s metal men.”
Independently released in 2005, Miss Blues’es Child was released internationally
by Valley Entertainment on the Sledgehammer Blues label in

Meanwhile, Eli was putting together a new
power trio to play and record his original work: a young, wildly talented local
drummer, Jordan Marchini, who was playing for the gothic metal band Bella Morte,
and a hard-rock/progressive bassist, Eric Yates, who could execute and elaborate
on the complex and difficult basslines Eli’s music required. They began
performing and recording in January of 2006, and released the finished album,
ElectricHolyFireWater, in January 2007. (Nothing to Be Blue About, The Hook,

By now, Eli’s musical reputation was
spreading. His band, christened ElectricHolyFireWater, opened for legendary
guitarist Johnny Winter, Room Full of Blues ,and Shemekia Copeland. He chose
African percussionist Darrell Rose to perform with him on The Millennium Stage
at The Kennedy Center, electrifying an audience of 300 with his own special
brand of African Rhythm and American Blues, and he opened for B.B. King solo at
The Paramount Theatre in February of 2007.

But already he was in the studio working
on his next solo recording, a personal musical effort that would take three
years to complete.  During that time, his Double-Barrel Blues Show, an hour of
acoustic vintage blues, followed by an electrifying night with his band, became
a staple at Madam’s Organ, the most elite blues club in Washington, D.C.  He
opened solo repeatedly for Blues Master B.B.King on the east coast.  His band
and acoustic shows stunned the audiences at Floydfest, and he performed annual
sold-out concerts of obscure Classic Hendrix Works.

In October of 2009 Cook released his
fourth recording “Static in the Blood” a lush,  R&B studio recording with
roots deep in gospel and blues and elegant guitar work of every hue and shade.
The album is a paradise of contemporary styling all done the unmistakable Eli
Cook way.   Citing influences as diverse and as Kid Rock and Jay Z, Eli
continues to introduce the Blues to the listener of the new century.

Today, Eli Cook performs nationally,
and Miss Blues’es Child, first released more than 5 years ago, has taken
permanent residence on the internet radio blues charts.


For this show, Eli brings us his solo, acoustic blues performance.  The show starts at 8pm/$7.

Listen at


Ashley McMillen Band

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Ashley McMillen brings us original country/americana, backed by Rusty Speidel, Bahlman Abbott, and Stuart Gunter.  Ashley recently placed in our 2011 Songwriters Contest, and with her extraordinary vocals, powerful songwriting, and fantastic backup band, we’re proud to add her to our lineup.

This is one of the most intrigueing new artists to cross our stage–a veritable country music legend in the making.

The show starts at 8pm/$7.

Listen at

Second Draw

Oct 27, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Second Draw

“Second Draw” is a full on, high energy blend of jam band, bluegrass and rock.
The distillation of these influences goes down like water but fills your soul
with melody, raw harmony, and honest lyrics. We call it “Blue Jam Music as a
subcategory of Americana”.

Listen at

The show starts at 8pm/$5.

Steal the Prize

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Steal The Prize is a groove-driven rock’n’roll group based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. With the original line up remaining solid since 2006, Steal The Prize have spent years defining their sound, vigorously performing live, and characterizing a unique regional music community. Working along side the fans, and other like-minded songwriters, the community strives to spread awareness to promote a united vision of originality in both music and culture.

Among the four member strong group, Steal The Prize explores a vast frontier of vintage instrumentation, and blends an arrangement of styles including southern rock’n’roll, jazz, and country-western. The band’s quintessential “edge” lies within their ability to improv and rightfully express a vibe, both live and in the studio. This expressive edge allows the listener to not only hear the music, but feel it, connect with it, become apart of it.

After the release of “I Think I Am” in May 2011, the band continues to write new material, perform live regularly, and are planning for an east coast tour in support of the new album. Recently, Steal The Prize has garnered some career building exposure, most notably, the license of their new single “The Devil Made Me Do It” for Relix Magazine’s September issue compilation CD. They hope to continue to strategically partner with the media to spread Steal The Prize awareness one soul at a time.

The show starts at 8pm/$7.

Listen at

Howie Campbell and the Cool Beans Jazz Ensemble

Oct 25, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Howie Campbell and the Cool Beans Jazz Ensemble

Howie plays classic jazz with a revolving group of outstanding Jazz musicians. From Gershwin to Brubeck, it’s all wonderful

Songwriters in the Round: Curtis Prince and Sue Harlow

Sep 3, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Songwriters in the Round: Curtis Prince and Sue Harlow

Curtis Prince and Sue Harlow swap songs for the evening.  Come check out two of our favorite new voices.

Curtis says:

“I practically came out of the womb singing. My whole family were musicians, both sides for generations. Coming from Europe and settling both in Alabama and New York, everyone sang, played instruments or at least whistled. They were piano builders, Vaudvillians, producers, directors, and musicians, doing everything from working for CBS to hosting old timey radio shows, to Opera stars, to just family piano playing around the house.

By age six I was playing the harmonica and piano and singing along with Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, C.S.N.&Y., The Beatles, and well, all the popular artists of the time. My sisters had great collections of albums and they are basically where I first got turned on to Rock and Roll.  My brother-in-law turned me on to the guitar at nine years old and I took to it quickly, playing along with all the albums and sounding out tunes and solos. Right away I began writing songs…music anyway, and that always seemed to me to be the thing to do. I always say I took guitar lessons from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck. Though I don’t even imagine myself to be that kind of maestro, they were definitely my teachers and inspiration.

All that was the beginning to a life time of playing music. There were many trying years, difficult times, and wonderful times full of love, in between those early years and now.  After playing in bands in Pittsburgh, Boston, Austin, and St. Augustine Fl. and being on the road with the blues legend Eddie Kirkland, I’ve finally released my first album, “Wishing for Rhymes.”

So here I am in the present with “Wishing For Rhymes” behind me…and still in front of me, along with a wonderful well of inspiration and experience to draw from for years of song writing to come.”

Hear Curtis at

Sue Harlow brings us richly haunting vocals wrapped graciously around the curves between folk and country music.  Each time you think you’ve heard the full reach of her voice, she takes it one notch farther.

Hear Sue at

The show starts at 8pm/$5.

2011 Songwriter’s Contest

Sep 3, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on 2011 Songwriter’s Contest

Rapunzel’s Further Ado Foundation
presents the 2011 Songwriter’s Contest

Friday, October 21  8pm


  • 1st:  $200 plus 8 hours at Packing Shed Records
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd:  $50

Entry Fee: $15

Cost for spectators: $5

Judges:  Anne Williams of WNRN

Byron Massie

Tina Owens of WMRA

All entries must be received by Wednesday, October 19.

Rules & Regs:

  • Entries must be accompanied by the entry fee and three typewritten copies of the song lyrics, all of which MUST be received no later than Wednesday, October 19. Entries will not be complete until we receive both the entry fee and the lyrics.
  • Each songwriter may submit one original song, which must be performed live before the panel of judges on Friday, October 21.
  • Songwriters may engage another musician to perform the song on their behalf.
  • The contest will be open to 30 participants, and entries will be accepted on a first-paid, first-served basis.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable after Wednesday, October 19.
  • The contest will be judged according to lyrics, melody and composition. Performance to be considered only as a tiebreaker.
  • Multiple Songwriters who are members of the same band may enter individually and still present their material as a group; however, no more than two songs may be performed by the same band.
  • Order of go will be determined according to a draw, which will be held at 7:30pm the night of the contest. You need not be present for the draw, but you MUST be present for whatever slot is pulled. If you miss your slot, you forfeit your entry.

2011 Songwriter’s Contest Entry Form

Please send the following information, along with the $15 entry fee and THREE typewritten copies of your lyrics to:

Rapunzel’s Songwriters’ Contest
PO Box 556
Lovingston VA 22949


Title of Song:

Band/musician performing the song (if other than songwriter):



You may also enter online by emailing us your entry form and lyrics.  Send to rapunzelscoffee at with “Songwriters Contest” in the subject line, and pay by clicking below:

Open Mic Night

Sep 3, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Open Mic Night

If you’ve got a talent, we’ve got a stage!  Whether you sing, write poetry, tapdance, play bagpipes, swallow swords, dance the mamushka, or just need to rant about something…Rapunzel’s is the place to be this Friday night.

Signup begins at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm.  Free for performers.  Spectators $2.

Poetry & Fiction Night

Aug 20, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on Poetry & Fiction Night

Lynn Martin & the Sons of Orpheus with Marian Pearce and Arvind

Lynn  is a Nelson County-based poet and performer. Her poetry,
on its own, is a powerful, gut stirring experience made no less
gripping by Lynn’s extraordinary control and sense of performance.
Fed by the haunting musical support of the Sons of Orpheus, her
work will leave you breathless. 

Lynn and the Sons of Orpheus are releasing a new live cd at this event.

Lynn will be joined by guest poets Marian Pearce and Arvind. 

Marian Pearce has long been a creative force in Nelson County and at Rapunzel’s, leading youth theater camps and classes and spearheading our original poetry & fiction night years ago.  Her writing captures in one deft motion both the peculiarities of human behavior and the scope of the natural forces that move us on a daily basis.

Arvind has become the resident poet of our monthly open mic night, bringing us glimpses of a world both dark and hilarious.  In Arvind’s work, even the most mundane subjects have the power to turn you upside down and make you wonder why you didn’t see it coming, and the twist is almost always good for a laugh.

The second portion of this event will be an open stage for writers to share their work.

Please contact us if you are interested in reading.

The Free Radicals

Aug 20, 2011   //   by adminsara   //   Events  //  Comments Off on The Free Radicals

Country, Americana, honky-tonk and western swing–The Free Radicals reunite for a special show at their home venue.  The show starts at 8pm/$5.


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