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New Year’s Eve Party

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Featuring Sue Harlow, the PerfecTones, and a Blues Review.  The show starts at 8pm/$5.

Private Party

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Giants Back To Work: Freeman & Cody Mowrer & friends

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Freeman and Cody Mowrer bring us their new project:  Giants Back To Work.  This show will include special guest Koda Kerl and a variety of guest musicians presenting an evening of rock/folkrock/americana fusion.  The show starts at 8pm/$5.

Annual Holiday Party

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This year, we are celebrating a season of

Ten Years and One Thousand Shows!

This December marks the ten-year anniversary of the date we first opened our doors.

We’d like to take a moment to remind you, once more, that all of the events (music, dance, theater, art) that happen at Rapunzel’s are presented by Rapunzel’s Further Ado Foundation. As a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, Further Ado’s mission is to continue providing our community with the best performances and the best community space we can possibly create–and to keep these events available to our community at an affordable price.

In order to do this job, we need your help. We are desperately in need of financial support. There is little to no grant funding available for the arts these days, and the bills keep going up. And so we turn to you, our community, for any help you may be able to offer.

Our annual Holiday Party is coming up on December 17. The money we raise at this event goes toward paying for the music license and other licensing fees associated with running an arts venue, but that’s just one small portion of the expenses associated with putting on performances every Friday and Saturday, year-round. (The heat bill alone is staggering.)

Your presence is the most valuable thing you can give us…more than anything else, we want to see our couches full of smiling faces. Yet we know full well how hard it is to go out after a long day at work, or on the farm, or with the kids. If you can’t be here in person, making a donation is a great way to be here in spirit and guarantee that we’ll be here the next time you feel like a night out.

So if you enjoy what we’ve been doing here for the past ten years, if you see value in the service we provide, and you would like to see us keep the doors open for another ten years and one thousand shows (!), please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Further Ado Foundation.

You may donate online at, or come see us in person. If you have any questions, please contact us!

PO Box 556
Lovingston Va 22949

 Annual Holiday Party

Our annual fundraising event features some of our favorite bands performing three songs each–some holiday music, some original music, and some that’s entirely different.  This events showcases the best of the local talent we’ve hosted over the course of the year, and proceeds benefit Rapunzel’s Further Ado Foundation.


Andy Waldeck & Jenn Rhubright

George Reiser

Eli Cook

Chamomile & Whiskey

Gary Lettan

Jessie Tosta’s Flute Ensemble

Stump Skunks

Byron Massie

Dallas Wesley

Kathy “The Ukelele Lady” Troyer

Sally Rose

Sue Harlow

twisted carols by Blue O’Connell

…and more!

The show starts at 8pm/$10.

Open Mic night

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If you’ve got a talent, we’ve got a stage!  Whether you sing, write poetry, tapdance, play bagpipes, swallow swords, dance the mamushka, or just need to rant about something…Rapunzel’s is the place to be this Friday night.

Signup begins at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm.  Free for performers.  Spectators $2.

Our Customers

A wonderful, welcoming place. Musicians are warmly welcomed at the Wednesday jams. The lattes are delicious. And the poetry reading last night amazed me. What talented people live in Nelson County.

Carolyn W. B.

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