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An evening of music and art with Chamomile & Whiskey

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Koda Kerl and Marie Borgman are Chamomile & Whiskey, a new original americana/folk/gypsy duo.


Fiona Balestreiri
Laura Eve Engell
Freeman Mowrer
Phillip Kerl (in his first performance since beating cancer)
Chamomile and Whiskey

With live painting by Skye Harvey

Listen at

The show starts at 8pm/$7.


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Old-school Nelson county acoustic rock brought to us by Jim McAvoy, Richard Smith, Kevin Crowe and Tom Serrano.

Molimo is a nomadic ritual in which music is used to heal a group that feels themselves to be out of balance with nature. It also describes the sacred instrument played in the ritual. The mythical white elephant embodies the spirit of Molimo – the possibility of redemption, the return of “soul.” In this spirit we play songs that call us to engagement to community – to stand against the madness……stand with us!

Poetry & Fiction Night

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Poetry & Fiction Night
The first portion of the evening will include readings by Stephen Cushman, Lynn Martin and Judith Strang.

Stephen Cushman

Stephen Cushman is a professor of American Literature and poetry at UVa.  His published poetry includes Riffraff, Heart Island and Cussing Lesson. 

On Riffraff:

Stephen Cushman’s Riffraff embodies the spirit of its title, a Middle English word for “every particle” or “things of small value.” In this striking collection, scraps of the overlooked, and distasteful—a prostitute passed in the street, the speaker’s own forgotten dreams, toothless dogs rolling in deer offal—become occasions to meditate on the rich experiences from which we too often turn away.

The poems reflect on the possibilities of language, the natural world, politics, history, eros, aging, family, and spiritual devotion. Without pretension, Cushman values “adepts who can dwell in the kiosk of a kiss.” Skillfully, he transmutes his own curiosity and surprise into moments of shared instruction. “Keep low,” he whispers. “Stay put. / Learn from the leaves.”

Riffraff culls what we have discarded, saves from abandonment the notions we have taken for granted, and, indeed, venerates every particle.

Lynn Martin & the Sons of Orpheus

Lynn Martin is a Nelson County-based poet and performer. Her poetry,
on its own, is a powerful, gut stirring experience made no less
gripping by Lynn’s extraordinary control and sense of performance.
Fed by the haunting musical support of the Sons of Orpheus, her
work will leave you breathless.

The second portion of this event will be an open stage for writers to share their work.

Please contact us if you are interested in reading.

Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band

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Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band

The Dixie Ridge Bluegrass Band brings traditional bluegrass back to Rapunzel’s!

The Don’t Tell Darlings

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The Don’t Tell Darlings


The Don’t Tell Darlings draw their music from a deep well of old-time, bluegrass, Western swing and early country, along with a healthy dose of Ms. Millie’s fine originals. Defying genres, their music can only be described as “a Depression-era mix tape”. Megan and Millie’s honey-sweet harmonies meet with Old Man Kelly’s fiddle on fire and Lew’s bass-thumping rhythm for a classic old-time instrumentation that is anything but traditional. The Darling’s sound is characterized by harmonies so sweet, your teeth will ache, and a penchant for songs that let everybody know: these girls will fix your wagon, and that’s a promise.
Millie Ammirati: vocals, banjo
Lew Burrus: upright bass
Liam “Old Man” Kelly: fiddle, resonator guitar, pedal steel, washboard
Megan Rose Orwig: vocals, rhythm guitar
Here’s the link to the rave review from the blog, “Red Eyed Rooster”

The show starts at 8pm/$7.

Open Mic Night

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Open Mic Night
If you’ve got a talent, we’ve got a stage.

Signup begins at 7:30pm.

The Stump Skunks

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The Stump Skunks
Bill Staton and Mitch Russell are the Stump Skunks, an extremely well-versed duo with a repertoire spanning everything from country to revamped indie pop-rock to original folk and americana. 


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